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How long can I rent items for ?

We normally rent our items for a three day period - so if your event takes place on Saturday, we'll deliver on Friday and collect on Sunday. Of course, we are flexible and will work around your needs.


What happens if we break something ?

We know that accidents happen, which is why we ask for a breakage deposit when we confirm your booking.


Do we wash the dishes or do you ?

You have the option, but we prefer to wash the dishes because they are very fragile and must be washed by hand. There is an additional fee for dishwashing. More details are explained in the terms and conditions.


What condition are your collectibles in ?

We always try to ensure that items are in top notch condition for their age. Most of our china is at least 50 years old and therefore you should expect slight wear to gilt and pattern on some pieces. In fact, we think it adds to the charm ! We do, however, avoid selecting any china for your guests that are chipped, cracked, or in poor condition.


What if my caterer is worried about handling/serving on vintage plates ?

We can offer a beautiful coordinating service plate that may be added to your order. Your vintage dinner plate will be set and act as a charger and can be removed when the served entree comes out.